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The current of the water was too high and the waves roared like a hungry, angry lion looking for whom to devour. She gasped for air, thrashing wildly but her attempts at survival were feeble to the waves’ determination to gulp anything in its path. She soon grew weak and gave up as the waves swallowed her in its wake; the thought reverberating in her head as she drowned was that she would die.


The lady’s eyelids fluttered open and she sputtered out water as pressure was applied to her chest.

“She’s alive,” the American man said to his wife, his voice filled with hope.

She coughed out more water and shivered in the cool breeze as she looked up at the man who stared back at her.

“Oh dear, you’re freezing,” the woman said as she came into her line of vision and relinquished her shawl to wrap around her. Moving into a sitting position caused pain to shoot through her head and she winced. “Are you alright?”

“My head hurts,” she replied, using her hand to feel where the pain had come from.

“Let me see that,” the man offered, turning around to examine it. “There’s a big lump there,” he observed. “You must have hit your head on something, perhaps a rock.”

“What rock?” she asked puzzled.

“Any of the rocks in the water.”

“In the water?” she asked quizzically. “In the water,” she murmured to herself, trying to remember and then she did.

She’d been in the water trying to fight for her life but the waves had been too strong for her. She had thought she would die but no, she was alive. She was alive and she felt elated.

“How did you get into the water?” the man asked.

The elation left her eyes as she thought about the question. How did she end up in the water with the current that strong? She thought about it but came up with no answers. “I can’t remember how I got into the water,” she replied, her brows knitted in concentration as she willed her mind to remember. “How do you think I got into the water?” she asked the couple in resignation, hoping they could give her a plausible response.

The couple looked at each other and then turned to face her. “Maybe you were hanging out with your friends or family at a beach and you decided to have a swim. A storm broke out and the waves brought you here. My wife and I were taking a walk when we saw your body washed against the shore. At first, we thought you were dead but a quick check of your pulse told me otherwise so I resuscitated you,” the man explained.

“That makes sense,” she said, still frowning, “but I can’t remember being with anyone.” She shook her head in an effort to clear her mind and remember but another pain pierced through her head and she winced.

“Darling, what do you mean you can’t remember?” the woman asked.

“I can’t remember who I was with,” she replied, tears filling her eyes.

“Do you remember where you stay?” the man asked, a frown on his face.

“Where I stay?” she repeated as if trying to process the question. “I don’t know where I stay.”

The couple looked at each other worried.

“What’s your name?”

She shook her head again, wincing at the pain that made her head reverberate with a pounding headache and felt herself losing consciousness. Her name? What was her name? She asked herself as she slipped into unconsciousness.

She didn’t remember.

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